The War on “The Holy Land”

During the past week, the number of victims due to the Israel and Palestine conflict has risen more and more each day, rockets are being fired from Gaza straight towards Israel but the Israeli Iron Dome defense system has proven very useful for stopping the Hamas rockets. The conflict between these two states has been present for many decades. To have a better understanding of what is happening right now and why it is happening, we must look at the root of this conflict. 

After the Ottoman Empire suffered a huge defeat in World War I, the British gained control of an area called Palestine. This land was inhabited by a Jewish minority and an Arab majority. At first, it was quite peaceful, but then Britain was given a job by the international community to make Palestine a “national home” for the Jewish community. For the Jews, this land was their ancestral home, but the Palestinian Arabs opposed for this to happen and claimed the land as their own.

With the beginning of World War II, many Jews around Europe found comfort and fled in the lands of Palestine, due to being hunted by Nazi Germany. After a while, the number of Jews in Palestine increased and there was a lot of tension between them and the Palestinian Arabs. Britain eventually left the area and created the state of Israel in 1948. The Palestinians objected to forming the state of Israel and war broke out between Israel and Palestine.

Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were forced to flee and leave their homes. Most of them fled to Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon. The following year the fight ended in a ceasefire, while Jordan occupied the land known as the West Bank and Egypt occupied Gaza. Jerusalem was also divided with the west being occupied by Israeli forces and the east was occupied by Jordanian forces.

No peace agreement meant another upcoming war, which happened in 1967. Israeli forces took all of Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Gaza which remained Israeli land for a while. In 1993, a plan was put to the table named the Oslo Accord, the idea behind it was to make a peace agreement between Palestine and Israel and to form an interim Palestinian government which both Israel and Palestine agreed to. Although, it did not bring peace.

Since 1993, there has still been tension between both states, and this year, in 2021, the tension escalated even more. Hamas, the militant group that holds legislative power over the state of Palestine hit Israel with 200 rockets last week. This was not taken well by Israel and the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to go on the offensive and strike back. So far there have been more than 100 victims and many were injured due to the constant rocket crossfire between the two states. 

There have been peace talks for many years now but there are no results so far. Every peace plan put on the table was usually called ‘one-sided’ by either Israel or Palestine. The lack of interest from both sides to cooperate and compromise with one another has led to a serious escalation which can bring disastrous results in the near future.

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