“Raised by war, stronger than fear”

Saranda Bogujevci was born 12th of June, 1985 in Podujeva, Kosovo. Today the first vice chairwoman of the Parliament, before, during the war in Kosovo, she was a victim of the Podujeva massacre. The Podujeva massacre took place on March 28th, 1999. The action which took 14 lives and beautiful souls, most of them being children or women where the youngest victim was two years old, was organized by the cruel Serbian paramilitary in conjunction with the Special Anti-Terrorist unit of Serbia.

Saranda Bogujevci took 16 bullets and lost 14 family members that day, including her mother and her two brothers. Four years after the massacre took place, an 18 year old Saranda Bogujevci and three of her cousins became the first ethnic Albanians to testify before a Serbian court about the massacre that was organized by the Serbian Paramilitary under the command of the monster, Slobodan Milosevic.

With the end of the war, Bogujevci and her cousins were evacuated to the English city of Manchester by NATO. She then went on to get a bachelor’s degree studying Interactive Arts in Manchester Metropolitan University. Now she is on the way to receiving her masters on Transitional Justice, Human Rights and Law and Order in the Academy of Geneva. 

Bogujevci is part of the organization “Manchester Aid Kosovo”, where she ascertained a lot of different projects for the Municipality of Podujeva, including the “Peace Park” in the city. Bogujevci was a co-artist on the family art exhibition “Bogujevci//A Visual Story”. The art exhibition had an incredible success not only in Kosovo, but also Albania and Serbia. In 2003, Saranda Bogujevci along with her family received the “Anne Frank” award for Moral Courage, in Britain. For three years, she has been engaged as a Director of Culture, Youth and Sports in the Municipality of Prishtina, under the leadership of VETEVENDOSJE (Self-determination party).

Saranda Bogujevci is now a Member of the Parliament of the Republic of Kosovo for two straight mandates. In the VII legislature she was a member on the committee for Human Rights, Gender Equality, Missing Persons and Petitions. In the two last legislatures she has been a member of the Women’s Caucus in the Assembly of Kosovo.

Saranda Bogujevci represents and speaks out loud for all women who were harmed during the 1999 war in Kosovo. Now the people of Kosovo are proud to have her as a Member of the Parliament. Bogujevci has taught us that despite what happens to us, we can overcome that and fight back, not always with guns, but sometimes with words and actions, who carry the weight of a thousand bullets.

23 March 2021

“Raised by war, stronger than fear”

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