Hidden Shadows of New York

Controversy has plagued the world of American politics for an incredibly long time. A cause for US controversy can be traced back to poor leadership, both in the country as a whole and inside one of the 50 states. Many governors throughout US history have seen an incredible amount of controversy inside their respectable states. New York governor Andrew Cuomo has been shrouded in a fair share of controversies this past year during the hard hitting period of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Andrew Cuomo was born in a political family, with his father being the governor of New York at the time. Cuomo finished his education in Fordham University and Albany Law School. Cuomo began his career as the campaign manager for his father and then later worked as an assistant district attorney, which provided him with experience and set ground for his legal and political career. Andrew Cuomo firstly became the governor in 2010 and has been reelected twice, in 2014 and in 2020. In his second reelection, Cuomo has been covered in a curtain of controversy, questioning his morals and abilities as a leader.

During the first period of Covid 19, Cuomo was praised for his ability to prioritize the well being of New York citizens above all else, which in return made him a prominent figure in the fight against this deadly virus. This glory however was short-lived when Cuomo came under scrutiny when it was revealed that he hid the true number of deaths in New York hospitals, severely damaging his credibility. Further damages to Cuomo’s name came in the form of verbal abuse which involved Cuomo threatening a fellow democrat party member for his comments against Cuomo regarding the Covid 19 casualty number, and sexual assault charges which involved Cuomo supposedly attempting to proceed with sexual advances towards a former staff member of his.

The controversy of popular American political figures is a fairly common issue in US politics. Cuomo’s attempts to try and lighten the pandemic situation resulted in him being a prime example of political controversy. The intensity of this entire topic does not necessarily mean that this controversy will be the last controversy in US politics, it just means that the credibility of many American officials will be put into serious questioning.

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