Senator Joe Biden speech in 1995

In 1995, Senator Joe Biden (current President elect of the United States) “took the floor” during the Senate gathering to address something very big. The discussion on the “Peace plan” which decided if the U.S forces were going to be part of NATO interventions together helping with the withdrawal of the Yugoslav troops. The region where this massive withdrawal was going to take place was the country of Bosnia and a little Province which was called the Province of Kosovo (Republic of Kosovo today).

The IFOR plan (the peace implementation plan).-Senator Biden`s speech at that time was the truth about the Yugoslav regime and the devastating Serbian Army (“Army of Republika Srpska”). The audacity to address strong leaders as criminals and comparing them to various previous ruthless dictators that were known for their miserable actions that left this world with serious future consequences, was outstanding. Outstanding because of the truth that had been known but not showed for many years.

“If it were Catholics or Protestants that were being sent to Death camps and Rape camps in there own country I am sure that it would make a very big difference” his time, Muslims were the ones that were witnessing and experiencing this terrible massacre and no-one being ready to intervene to stop the miserable regime.”Remembering ruthless, miserable moments in history that in their memorials consist of one same important slogan :Never Again!: is the irony of it all!”. “The irony of hating leaders such has Heinrich Himmler (the leading member of the Nazi party), Hitler himself, Benito Mussolini (Italian ruthless leader) and not hating current ruthless leaders such as Mladic, Milosevic, Karadzic, and many other leaders that were causing this massacre, is ruthless in itself”. He explained that the interventions were going to be done on current war criminals (addressing the Serbian, Croatian leaders) that were committing genocide on the population. “The cleansing of an entire population because of their belief and their ethnicity is Genocide” -He explained.

Explaining to his country that the intervention does not have to be made based on personal interests, because we are humans. Explaining the message that it sends to the world if intervention is not made because it is not in their interest. Explaining the feelings of many massacred citizens without even being there. “With all the respect for the President, the most difficult time for being a senator is when Presidents do not get it and instead of making the best decisions we have to choose amongst only bad decisions”. The empathy shown for these humans, shows the real characteristics of leadership.In the link below you will find the video taken from YouTube of Joe Biden`s speech, so you will have the opportunity to feel and listen.

These are the kinds of leaders that should be embraced and these are the kinds of leaders that will make our world a better place to live in!

This article being a reminder of the history and the current choices that we make as citizens and for the people that we choose to lead us.

Dior Zhuri

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