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Life Imprisonment for ‘The Butcher of Bosnia’

On June 8, 2021, Ratko Mladić was imprisoned for life by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. The reason behind this was his terrible crimes which were committed all over Bosnia by the Serbian military forces and Ratko Mladić as their leader. ‘The Butcher of Bosnia’ is what he was nicknamed and it…

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The War on “The Holy Land”

During the past week, the number of victims due to the Israel and Palestine conflict has risen more and more each day, rockets are being fired from Gaza straight towards Israel but the Israeli Iron Dome defense system has proven very useful for stopping the Hamas rockets. The conflict between these two states has been…

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Albanian Elections Overview

With Kosovo having held elections in 2021, a neighboring country was awaiting new parliamentary elections this year. That country is Albania. For 4 years, the Republic of Albania had Edi Rama as a prime minister and the Socialist Party as the majority. This year the Socialist Party ran in the elections again with Edi Rama…

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The Domination of Kosovo in the European Judo Championships

Kosovo, a country known for being the birthplace of people with many talents. Football players, actors, pop singers, and relentless fighting athletes. For the past week, Kosovo has been more than proud to call a few of those people Kosovars. These people are Distria Krasniqi, Akil Gjakova, Nora Gjakova, Loriana Kuka and Laura Fazliu. These…

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